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moving to israel

Welcome Home
and to your new life

Moving to a new country is as exciting as it is challenging. We know. We went through the same experience and now we are here to help you make your transition smooth and your daily life enjoyable and fulfilling.

BalaBoosta offers to accompany you through the process of settling down and making Israel your new home.

For a period of three months or longer, we will meet with you every week to hear your needs and identify your priorities.

We will connect you with the best service providers that meet your needs and taste and when necessary, we will accompany to meetings and visits.

Whether you need a real estate agent, an architect or a doctor, we will find the one that speaks your language and fits your requirements.

We can help you plan your finances and mortgages and fix all the legal aspects of your new life in Israel.

We can assist you in identifying the best kindergardens and schools in your neighborhood as well as finding nannies and babysitters.

If you are moving your furniture, we can assist you with the moving company, unpacking and organizing, and rebuilding.

If you wish to start a new hobby, find the ultimate personal trainer, join a philanthropic group or get a subscription to the Opera, we will sit with you, listen to your needs and plan your life-style together.

Contact us and schedule our first meeting.