We offer our clients an exclusive concierge service,

which grants them full V.I.P.  access to Tel Aviv and Israel's extraordinary and luxury lifestyle.​

Whether you need VIP airport service, a private driver, hotel accommodation or a last minute dinner reservations at one of Israel’s preferred restaurants, tickets to concerts, sports events or unique sightseeing and tours,

let BalaBoosta connect you to all things exceptional.


Are you looking for adventure, sports, spirituality, culinary experiences?

Or are you looking to concentrate on your business trip and have a seamless organisation of your stay? 

Whatever your preference or goal of your trip, whether you are traveling alone or with colleagues or with your family,

BalaBoosta will organise a tailor-made itinerary just for you. 

solutions for corporates



Airport VIP Service, transfers and private drivers, ongoing assistance


Booking of restaurants, private rooms, planning small events

Booking of your hotel as well as conference rooms and working spaces


Booking of private tours, personal trainers, events tickets, buying gifts and more

company trips

Organizing and coordinating to the last detail your company/ team trip to Israel


solutions for private clients



Airport VIP Service, transfers and private drivers, ongoing assistance


Booking of restaurants, private rooms, events planning, private chefs in your home

Booking the perfect accommodation, hotel or apartment, taking care of all the arrangements before your arrival like groceries, special decorations, flowers and more!


Booking of private tours, special occasions trips, helicopter rides, personal trainers, private lessons, nannies, gifts and much more


Organizing and coordinating your special event in Israel. Wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, family trips and more!


BalaBoosta's specials

Learn more about BalaBoosta's special packages "Weekend in Tel Aviv" and "Bachelor/Bachelorette getaways"

For more information, please contact us at: Tel: +972 52 680 1843

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